Let’s imagine tomorrow’s park together!

The South Saskatchewan River flows through the heart of Saskatoon and has nurtured its many surrounding communities for generations. Stewardship of the river valley corridor has ensured space and amenities exist for people to experience, learn about and look after prairie grasslands, wetlands and habitat in an urban environment.

The Saskatoon region’s leadership in stewarding the river valley has now been recognized. Through the new National Urban Parks program, Parks Canada is working with local partners to consider how significant urban greenspaces, like the Meewasin Valley, can enhance the conservation of nature, connect people with nature, and advance reconciliation with Indigenous peoples.

We are working together to apply Meewasin’s mission to balance human use and conservation to secure a national urban park designation to further protect our natural spaces for the future, in a spirit of collaboration and reconciliation

miýwâsin is nȇhiyawȇwin/Cree for ‘it is beautiful’

The Opportunity

Designating the Meewasin Valley as a national urban park unlocks countless possibilities and connections.

Building connections between nature and people.

The Journey

Exploring a potential national urban park follows the river’s history from a million yesterdays to a thousand tomorrows.

Your voices. Your stories. Your park.

Partners and Perspectives

A collaborative exploration process will consider priorities and knowledge from across the region, expertise from other successful projects and community input.

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